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Your guide to tracking live at events

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We have put together this handy guide to help the thousands of riders and runners attending events this summer. This guide will tell you how to get set up to track live so friends and family can follow your progress and also how others can follow your progress.

Your guide to tracking live at events

Step 1

If there is an official event set up on Map My Tracks, and you are participating, then click on the ‘Attend’ button on the event page. If there is no official event then either create one yourself or skip to Step 2 By declaring that you are attending the event, your progress on the day will be shown on the event maps.

Step 2

Download one of the Map My Tracks apps to your iPhone or Android mobile phone. There are two apps to choose from.

Map My Tracks Endurance is a long distance live tracking app. It’s great to track live for well over 12 hours. It’s a super simple app that is designed to only update your location so that others can follow your progress live.

Map My Tracks OutFront is a performace tracking app that is best suited for live tracking for up to 3-4 hours. OutFront measures your performance including speed, distance, heart rate and much more.

Both are available for iOS and Android phones.

Step 3

On the day of the event, launch the app you’ve opted for and start tracking live. If you are using OutFront you need to set the status to ‘Online public’. If you are using Endurance that you need to ensure it’s set to ‘Visible to everyone’. Once you have started tracking you can pocket the phone and get on with your event.

Friends and family can follow live on the day

On the day of the event, there are a few ways that friends and family can follow people’s progress.

If there is an official event on Map My Tracks then you can follow their progress on event maps on the Map My Tracks website. If there is no event then an individual’s progress can be followed on their Map My Tracks profile page on the website.

Our OutFront app also lets friends and family follow user’s live. It’s the best way to follow other people’s progress. Open the app and either use the Activity Map to see who is tracking live or search and open a user’s profile page to follow their progress.

Friends and family can follow people’s progress free of charge through the app or website.

If in doubt on how to get set up get in touch with us on TwitterFacebook or our support channels.