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Live stream your group rides or runs on Map My Tracks

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Map My Tracks has always been about live tracking. Our apps can be used to let friends and family follow people's progress live around the world.

Live stream your activities

With the recent update to our iOS and Android apps it is now possible to follow groups of people on the Activity Map. This is makes it a perfect match for club bike rides, or when friends are out on a ride or run together, so that everyone can follow each other’s progress.

The Activity Map features anyone that is tracking live and also shows the last know location of other nearby friends using Map My Tracks. So now if you get split up you can use the Activity Map to help find each other again.

Just like any other activity on Map My Tracks, the Activity Map observes people’s privacy zones so if you pass through, or finish up, within a privacy zone the Activity Map will not show your location. If you have not yet set up Privacy Zones then you can do so within Settings on the Map My Tracks website.

As well as the Activity Map, the recent update also includes a Friends Map that shows only the details of people you follow on Map My Tracks. Just like the Activity Map it follows friends if they are tracking live. Finally, the recent update also include a Profile Map that features a cluster of markers that showcase a person’s public activities on Map My Tracks. In all cases, the maps only feature public activities which gives each person control over what information is shared.

Both the iOS and Android apps have been updated with these new features. Download the app from the App Store or Google Play.

We’re looking forward to seeing how everyone uses these new features.