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Unveiling the Map My Tracks cycling metrics toolbox

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Training tools

Map My Tracks is thrilled to introduce our latest suite of tools tailored to elevate the performance and experience of cyclists worldwide. Our newly launched set of tools is meticulously designed to provide cyclists with invaluable insights into their training efforts, enabling them to optimize their performance, set ambitious goals, and conquer new horizons. Let’s delve into the remarkable benefits of each tool:

Power Zones Calculator
Achieve precision in your training by harnessing the power of our Power Zones Calculator. This tool categorizes your power output into specific intensity zones, allowing you to tailor your workouts to target different physiological adaptations. Whether you’re focusing on endurance, strength, or speed, our Power Zones Calculator ensures that every pedal stroke counts towards your progress.

Functional Threshold Power (FTP) Calculator
Unlock your true potential with our FTP Calculator, which accurately determines your Functional Threshold Power. By establishing this crucial benchmark, cyclists can gauge their fitness levels, track improvements over time, and set appropriate training intensities to maximize their performance gains. Our FTP Calculator gives you the insights needed to push your limits and achieve peak performance.

Training Stress Score (TSS) Calculator
Take the guesswork out of training intensity management with our TSS Calculator. This tool quantifies the cumulative stress of your workouts, providing a comprehensive overview of your training load. By monitoring your TSS, cyclists can strike the perfect balance between training volume and recovery, minimizing the risk of overtraining while optimizing performance gains for sustained success.

Intensity Factor (IF) Calculator
Fine-tune your training intensity with our IF Calculator, which calculates the intensity factor of your workouts relative to your FTP. By understanding the relative intensity of efforts, cyclists can tailor their training to elicit specific physiological adaptations, improving aerobic capacity, lactate threshold, or endurance. With our IF Calculator, you’ll have the insights to train smarter and achieve your goals faster.

Variability Index (VI) Calculator
Optimize your training consistency and efficiency with our VI Calculator, which evaluates the variability of your power output during workouts. By analyzing the ratio of normalized power to average power, cyclists can assess their pacing strategy, identify areas for improvement, and refine their race-day tactics. With our VI Calculator, you’ll enhance your performance by maintaining steady power output and minimizing fluctuations during rides.

Power-to-Weight (W/KG) Calculator
Gain a competitive edge by optimizing your power-to-weight ratio with our W/KG Calculator. This tool calculates the ratio of your power output to body weight, providing insights into your climbing prowess, sprinting ability, and overall performance potential. By optimizing your W/KG ratio, cyclists can tailor their training and nutrition strategies to achieve an ideal balance between power production and body mass, maximizing their efficiency on the bike.

Critical Power & Work Prime (CP & W’) Calculator
Harness the science of performance modelling with our CP & W’ Calculator. This tool quantifies your critical power and work capacity, providing essential insights into your anaerobic capabilities and endurance limits. By understanding their CP and W’, cyclists can strategically manage their efforts during races, time trials, and interval workouts, pacing themselves for sustained performance and strategic attacks.

Heart Rate Zones Calculator
Optimize your cardiovascular training with our Heart Rate Zones Calculator, which defines specific training zones based on your heart rate. By monitoring their heart rate zones, cyclists can tailor their workouts to target different energy systems, improve aerobic capacity, and enhance cardiovascular fitness. With our Heart Rate Zones Calculator, you’ll have the tools to train smarter, improve efficiency, and achieve peak performance.

Whether you’re a competitive athlete or a recreational rider, our suite of tools empowers cyclists of all levels to unlock their full potential, surpass their goals, and enjoy every moment on the bike.