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Map My Tracks Moments

Create beautifully crafted personalized videos of your outdoor adventures.

Bike, run, hike, sail or just enjoy being outdoors? Create your own personalized Moments video from each of your Map My Tracks activities.

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Showcase your moments

Map My Tracks Moments automatically creates a beautiful video of the key moments in your activity to share or keep for yourself.

Photos, speed, heart rate, power and cadence as well as your highest elevation are all highlighted and included in your personalized video.

It's great for any outdoor activity from cycling and running to paddle boarding and sailing.

Personalize your video

Tell a story with each Moments video. Upload photos, choose a colour theme and select a square or landscape format.

Each video is created in seconds ready to download or share on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter.

How it works

Step 1 - Get started by using Map My Tracks to log your outdoor activities.

Step 2 - Create your personalized Moments video in seconds through the Map My Tracks app or website.

Step 3 - Share your Map My Tracks Moments on Facebook, Instagram or Twitter or download a copy for yourself.

Used Garmin Connect? Then connect it to your Map My Tracks and have it automatically sync your activities ready to create your own Moments video.

Get started. Download the Map My Tracks app today.

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How do I create my Moments video?

Create your video by either using the Map My Tracks app or through the website. In both cases first browse to your activity then open the Moments options.

Are Moments videos free to create?

Yes, both free and PLUS members of Map My Tracks can create and share Moments videos.

Can I edit my Moments video?

Yes. Moments videos can be edited and recreated through the Moments page on the website.

What can I edit in my Moments video?

You can edit photos or other moments like heart rate, power, cadence, speed or elevation. Edit these through the Moments page on the website.

How do I add photos to my Moments video?

Photos can be uploaded and pinned to your activities on Map My Tracks. Once the photo has been uploaded it will automatically be available in your Moments video.

What moments are included in the video?

Photos, speed, elevation, heart rate, cadence and power are included when the data is available.

How many photos are included?

Up to five photos are included in each Moments video.

Can I download the video file?

Yes. Each Moments video can be downloaded to your local device.

Available languages

iPhone & website: English, Française, 日本, Português, Polski, Deutsch, Italiano, Nederlandse, Español.

Android: English.