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Share your workouts with a coach

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We've been adding a range of new features of late and the latest is one to make is super easy for coaches to be able to review an athlete's workouts.

We know that coaches have a lot of data to analyse from their athletes, and sometimes not enough time,  which is why we have created a ‘My athletes’ dashboard. Once athletes have granted a coach access to their activity the coach can open the athlete’s training room.

Within the training room coaches are able to analyse in detail recent workouts, trends, calendar and peak performances and more.

To get started the athlete/coach set up process is:
1. The coach must first follow the athlete on Map My Tracks.
2. The athlete then grants the coach access by making them a ‘Close friend/coach’ in Settings > Access.

Once that is done the coach will see their athletes in Explore > My athletes and have access to their training rooms.

Coaches do not need a Plus account but the athlete will need an active Plus account to allow access to the Training Room.

We have more coach/athlete features in the pipeline so watch this space. For now, enjoy the new tools.



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