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Map My Tracks Events now available across all platforms

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Map My Tracks event app

For a while now event organisers have been able to publish their events on the website for our community to use. Now, with the latest update to the Map My Tracks app, events are also available in the app.

Map My Tracks Events make it super simple for event organisers to promote, engage and inform participants with everything about their events. The events listed in the app are coupled to the Map My Tracks Event Planner that provides control on event routes, news, social buzz, photos and more.

The event profiles in the app do what you would expect. They highlight all the latest social buzz around the event. They include messaging, photos, news, attendees, routes and live maps to follow the progress of participants.

Events are free to publish on Map My Tracks and are great for clubs or charities to use for their events.

Download the latest version of the app to get all the event details when you are out and about.