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Automatically sync your Garmin Connect data with Map My Tracks

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We love to share things which is why we have rolled out an option for you to connect your Map My Tracks with Garmin Connect.

If you are one of many who use some kind of Garmin device to record your rides or runs then you’ll love this new feature. You can now connect Map My Tracks to your Garmin Connect account so that each activity you upload there automatically makes its way to your Map My Tracks profile.

Due to the progressive lack of browser support for the old method of uploading from Garmin devices this is a neat alternative that fast tracks the data from Garmin to Map My Tracks.

It super simply to set up and once done you can forget about it until you wish to disconnect the two accounts.

Get started

To get started first open your Settings page on Map My Tracks. Then use the options to ‘Connect your Garmin’ and follow the process. Once that is done any new activity uploaded to Garmin will be synced back to Map My Tracks for you to use. It takes around 30 seconds for the sync to complete.

As ever, we’re looking forward to seeing how you all use the new feature. Hope you like it.